Eddy elephant Chiang Mai

Do you know? CHANG MEANS ELEPHANT IN THAILAND, see the video here

Eddy Elephant Chiang Mai is a unique ride with your own elephant and definitively the best elephant tour.

Learn how to care and respect elephant.Eddy Elephant Chiang Mai

How will be your day? After pick you up at your hotel around 9.am, your day will start with a stop at the local market to buy some bananas to treat your new buddies. After arriving at Eddy Elephant camp with a small group you will learn how to communicate with your elephant. One time you feel comfortable with the Ahhh Owww and others elephant language you will be served a delicious Thai lunch. Afternoon time with your elephant, you will ride and trek in the jungle and finish your day having a bath and playing in the river with your big buddy. Watch the video below and book now ! Reserve your place now!

One of the best tour in Chiang Mai is closing up to a real elephant. Eddy is the owner who care of his 15 elephants. Eddy is a very good host and will make your day very special and beautiful. Join a small group of enthusiast andl learn about the pachyderms behaviors, how to control and bathing them as you are a mahout (elephant conductor). After your day you will be able to ride elephants through the jungle. So, come to Enjoy!

Eddy Elephant Chiang Mai Activities Schedule


  • Pick up at your hotel / guesthouse between 08.30-09.00 a.m.
  • Buy bananas at the local market
  • Head to our camp about 1 hour
  • Change the provided clothes as a mahout
  • Feed elephant and make your first contact
  • Learn about elephant and instruction and how to ride them
  • Lunch
  • Ride your own elephant through the jungle
  • Back into the river and bath your elephant
  • Back around 4.00-5.00 p.m.

About Thailand’s Talented Elephants:

We are not asking you to be a volunteer, no need here, locals people make their earnings working here. Eddy Elephant camp in Chiang Mai is not a circus, not a show, not an elephant park, not a sanctuary or a farm, there is no elephant painting and no platform, this is a real experience making you and your elephant be very close. This is Fair Trade Tourism and profit to locals people. Book Now your one day elephant tour! Elephants are an important part of Thai culture and the Thai way of life. They are a traditional symbol of royal power, an essential feature of Buddhist art and architecture, an a spiritual mentor for people of all walks of life. In the early part of this century, elephants roamed freely and in multitude throughout Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Prior to the 18th century they were the main machine of Southeast Asian war, a Thai king of the late 17th century having had 20,000 war elephants trained for battle. Elephants in Thailand have always been a symbol of both power and peace. They have always performed the most exacting physical tasks. And they have always been well loved. The number of elephants in Thailand today is limited to about 2,600. Most of these are at various elephant camps around the country where they learn to work in the forests and mountains and to entertain the hundreds of thousands of people who go to see them each year, and where they live, play and reproduce in a setting that is as close to the wild as possible. Here we present some of the many traditional roles the elephant has played in Thailand since the days of old Siam. The elephant is acknowledged as having many wide attributes, and perhaps the most obvious is talent. Talent for a stately presence, for delicate foot movement and agility, for intelligence on the field of sport, and at the same time a particular gentleness that makes the elephant not only a highly respected creature of the land but also one that is appreciated and loved. read more in Thailand’s Talented Elephants Asian Elephant Wikipedia | Asian Elephant Wikipedia Thai | Elephant Chiang Mai Chiang Mai ranks 24th as world’s best destination in 2012

EDDY – Baan Chang Elephant Home

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