Chiang Mai elephants One day tour

Enjoy Chiang Mai elephants with Eddy

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One Day Elephant Experience

We are going inside the nature with elephant.
Pick up at your hotel Between 8.00 AM. – 9.00 AM.
•  Visit local market & buy bananas for the elephant.
•  Enjoy learning a basic of elephant training course.
•  Enjoy to feed & learn how to ride the elephant.
•  Lunch , coffee & tea break.
•  Enjoy ridding elephant though the jungle.
•  Enjoy bathing elephant.
•  Enjoy playing together with the elephant.
RETURN TO YOUR HOTEL ABOUT 17.00 PM. Eddy Elephant Chiang Mai

The best elephant training Include: full transportation, mahout uniform, expert advise from Eddy, lunch, drinking water, coffee and tea, insurance.

Do you know? Thai elephants in war history.

In ancient times, the use of elephants in war. The elephant is considered a major force in the battle for independence of Thailand that has it all. The elephant in the battle to fight, then it is said that the king or the commander of the armed scythe attack on an elephant. The elephants fight, it will fight to the enemy’s elephants, which are very technical and can not break the enemy’s elephants. It is advantageous because it allows the commander to use the scythe to fight tooth and easily won. The winners will be based on the strength of an elephant and a commander. Elephants in ancient battle that many of the reign of the Ayutthaya era. When it was His Majesty Trailokkanat to be a white elephant, a white elephant of Ayudhya. It is that until he gets his name as a Somayya.God is a white elephant and the elephant in the reign of emperor was fighting with the Burmese army and the legendary Sri Suriyothai up. There is also a major battle on elephant back to the Thai people, which constitutes independence for the country that has it that King. King Naresuan the Great, the battle between King Naresuan the Great and the kings of Bago by any elephant of King Naresuan the Great in the battle of the Chao Phraya Chaiyanuchit and when he won the nickname. that Chao Hong Sa suppressed. The Elephant King undecim the car I called elephant. Chao conquer three worlds The coinage and later when the enemy attacked the division. King Taksin was the Thai national gathering to be settled by the use of elephants in battle as well.

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